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"Ev Liebman: Enough is Enough for Workers " (GRITtv – February 18, 2011 AUDIO NEWS INTERVIEW)

"Family Leave Surplus Shows Tax Worked" (Star-Ledger – November 26, 2010)

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Work & Family Balance Campaign

New Jersey Time To Care Coalition

Family LeaveNJCA and the Center for Women and Work at Rutgers University have organized the NJ Time to Care Coalition, a 70-member coalition consisting of community, labor, women's, civic, research, citizen, family and child advocacy groups that are dedicated to the passage of Work & Family Balance issues, like Family Leave Insurance and Guaranteed Paid Sick Days for All, both at the state and federal level. To see the complete list of organizations, visit

JOIN the New Jersey Time to Care Coalition, either as an organization or an individual. To find out the date of our next meeting, send us a story telling us how Family Leave Insurance or Paid Sick Days could have helped or has helped you (if your employer already provides them), or get more info on the Time to Care Coalition, visit

For more information, contact Lauren Townsend at 732-246-4772, ext. 22, or

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Healthy Families Act

Family LeaveNearly half (48%) of private-sector workers in the US don't have a single paid sick day to care for themselves when they are sick — even less Americans have paid sick days that they can use to care for a sick family member, i.e., a child that needs to stay home from school. Although a dozen states around the country are considering paid sick days initiatives this year, there is currently no state of federal law that guarantees paid sick days for workers.

No worker should be forced to risk their job to take care of themselves or their families. Yet, nearly half of private-sector workers do not have a single paid sick day to care for themselves or a family member when they are ill.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends if you have a fever and you're sick or your children are sick, don't go to work and don't go to school. However, when workers get sick — or need to take care of ill children, or take elderly parents to medical appointments — millions lose pay or even risk losing their jobs.

The lack of paid sick days is a major public health concern. Without paid sick days, working people have no choice but to go to work sick, risking their own health and the spread of illness. Such shortsighted policy is also a threat to our economy as studies have shown that employee "presenteeism" (when sick workers go to work) cost U.S. businesses billions more annually than employee absenteeism.

NJCA and the NJ Time to Care Coalition are currently urging Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act (soon to be re-introduced by Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. Rosa DeLauro) in order to establish a basic workplace standard of paid sick days so that workers aren't forced to risk their jobs or paychecks to care for their health.

The Healthy Families Act would guarantee workers up to seven paid sick days a year to recover from their own illness or to care for a sick family member, and provides paid sick time to recover from or seek assistance related to an incidence of domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault.

Fact Sheets on the Healthy Families Act:

For more information, contact Jackie Cornell-Bechelli at 732-246-4772 ext. 21 or

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