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Fair Tax Campaign and the Fairness Alliance

Fairness Alliance Statement of Support

Fairness AllianceHow New Jersey faces up to a massive budget gap will determine the quality of life in our state, and the fairness and opportunity provided to our citizens. New Jersey needs a common-sense budget—and common-sense tax policies—that protect our communities and invest in our workers, students, seniors and families.

It's Time To Invest In New Jersey's Families!

Instead of shifting spending to local communities through soaring property taxes and making harmful cuts in services and programs, the Governor and the Legislature should adopt a fair budget that would:

  1. Capture a portion of the federal tax windfall. Since the federal tax cuts took effect, people making $400,000 a year in New Jersey have saved nearly $8,000 over 3 years. Those making $700,000 have saved nearly $10,000 and those making over $1 million have saved more than $40,000. A modest temporary state income tax increase on the wealthiest families in New Jersey would help preserve vital services, prevent property taxes from soaring higher and help to undo the damage from lopsided state and federal tax cuts that help the wealthiest at everyone else’s expense. Affected taxpayers will still see a substantial cut in their overall tax bill while doing their fair share during these tough times.

  2. Tell the federal government to help states recover from the recession and September 11th. The Governor and Legislature should encourage Washington to increase federal payments for Medicaid and economic recovery. Congress is currently considering direct aid to states and localities to help them through current budget crises. We must work with our Congressional delegation to win enactment of this proposal.

  3. Ensure that municipalities and school districts get adequate funding to avoid further property tax hikes. Last year’s freeze resulted in an average 7% property tax hike across the state. Our communities cannot take that hit again. New Jersey already leads the nation in property taxes. We don’t need to widen that lead—we need fairer revenue alternatives.

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Statement of Principles

JusticeAny economic package must provide temporary, short-term stimulus that is fiscally responsible and equitable.

Any such package should include aid to states to help respond to their fiscal crises, and should focus on people who will spend the money now, including those hard hit by the economic downturn.

Further, we need comprehensive prescription drug coverage and full funding of Medicaid for all families and individuals.

We demand quality, affordable health care for all Americans, and not tax cuts for the wealthy.

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