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SIGN UP NOW! Locations throughout NJ. We're down to the wire – help us reach more than 200,000 voters in New Jersey and states around the country!

Download our Get Out The Vote sign-up form (42K MS Word file) for people able to go around the country to talk with voters.

Download our Volunteer 2004 flyer (150K MS Word) and post it widely – includes tear-off strips with our URL and phone.


You can help decide the electionVolunteers registering voters in Pennsylvania, July 2004


Liberty Bell

It's going to be as close as it was in 2000. This time, we can't let voters be shut out and disenfranchised. The country is polarized: half support re-electing George Bush and half are dead set against it. Both Republicans and Democrats are making aggressive efforts to mobilize potential voters for their candidates.

In only 17 key "battleground" states, voters will decide who wins the Presidency. What can the rest of us do?

Join Volunteer 2004 – and
hook up with individuals and groups around the country who don't want to sit this election out. We're part of a broad coalition that will educate and mobilize voters. We're reaching out from here in New Jersey to folks in the battleground states. No matter where you live, you can have a significant impact on this election. Sign up!

Activities – range from writing to friends and family to phone banks, houseparties, tabling, voter mobilization in your own community – and day, weekend or longer bus trips to mobilize voters door-to-door in battleground states

Learn More About – NJCA | Citizen Action of NY | USAction | Bush's Record | Volunteer2004 Nation article

How can I help?

WE NEED YOU!! You can volunteer time and/or donate to support this effort.

One hour of volunteer time means reaching as many as 35 voters in battleground states.

Each dollar you contribute means connecting with one more voter in a state that will decide who becomes the next President.

Volunteers have FUN too! Here are some actual comments we just received:

   "I had a blast! You have great people working with you! If there is anything else I can do please let me know! We Will Win!" — Don J (Lindenwold)

   "NJCA, you are a
TITAN of ACTIVISM!" — Mike L (Newark)

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this. I was happy to be part of the day's success." — Luke (Camden)

   "It was
fun to work with all of you today." — Adrienne T (Newark)

So to recap... Use the links above (top left) to sign up, donate, and download materials!

Whatever you do, just don't sit THIS one out!

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