New Jersey Citizen Action endorses Sue Altman for Congress in 7th Congressional District

Newark, NJ – November 16: Statewide advocacy organization New Jersey Citizen Action’s (NJCA) Political Action Committee (PAC) today endorsed for Sue Altman as a Congressional candidate for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District.  NJCA endorsed Altman because of her tireless campaigning against government corruption, for her unceasing advocacy to make New Jersey a state that works for everyone, and because she is the best candidate to defeat and replace Congressman Tom Kean, Jr.  

“Since Tom Kean, Jr.  took office, the residents of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District have been deprived of a representative who acts in their best interests,” said NJCA Executive Director Dena Mottola Jaborska. “Kean, Jr. has voted with the extreme right wing of the Republican Party, which has sought to undermine the very foundations of our democracy, mounted an unending attack against women’s and reproductive rights, and has failed to address the many problems facing everyday Americans. Kean is out of step with people in his district and has further isolated himself by refusing to engage with them in town halls or other forms of outreach. 

“Sue Altman, by contrast, has never stopped working to make New Jersey a state that works for everyone. She has been a consistently powerful advocate for abortion rights and the environment and has been an outspoken champion against government corruption and incompetence. Above all, Sue gets New Jerseyans. The many policy victories she helped win as a grassroots advocate came about in no small part because of her willingness to listen, empathize, collaborate, build consensus, and lead coalitions of New Jerseyans from many walks of life.” 

“Women are woefully underrepresented in New Jersey politics and in our country’s Congress,” said Dr. Patricia Campos Medina, NJCA PAC Chair, and President of Latina Civic Action.Too often, they are pushed aside for tough and important political challenges. Sue is more than up for the challenge. She will be that leader who can take on the tough political fights, and win. 

“We wholeheartedly endorse Sue Altman for Congress and urge New Jerseyans in District 7 to vote for a Representative who will work tirelessly for a New Jersey, and an America, that works for everyone.”