Provisions Of Democrats' Ethics-Reform Plan

CourierPostOnline — Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Outline of the 25-point ethics reform plan released by Democratic lawmakers in Trenton on Tuesday:

1. Banning pay to play:

2. Ending no-bid contracts

3. Creating a Clean Elections pilot program

4. Regulating issue ad communications

5. Regulating political phone calls

6. Requiring registration of fund-raisers

7. Strengthening reporting requirements

8. Prohibiting solicitation of contributions on state property

9. Making ELEC more accessible

10. Mandatory training for treasurers through ELEC

11. Doubling ELEC penalties

12. Requiring 48-hour expenditure notices for all committees

13. Strengthening legislative disclosure

14. Shutting the "revolving door"

15. Expanding the nepotism ban

16. Eliminating conflict of interest voting

17. Increasing public membership on the executive commission on ethical standards and the joint legislative committee on ethical standards

18. Increasing penalties under conflicts of interest law

19. Requiring individuals seeking legislative office to disclose whether they have been convicted of a criminal offense.

20. Prohibiting mass mailings from partisan offices

21. Creating a dual office-holding study commission

22. Greater lobbying disclosure

23. Random audits of lobbyists

24. Increasing lobbyist fees

25. Prohibiting lobbying on a contingency-fee basis

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