Clean Elections Must Be Preserved

CourierPostOnline — Thursday, February 22, 2007


New Jersey's state senators are about to give us another example of their inability to serve the public good.

This time, it's because they're about to give up on the clean elections program for this year.

This program – when it's run properly, as in other states – has succeeded in bringing new voices into flawed government. There's no question New Jersey politics could use some new voices.

But, because this is New Jersey politics, it looks as though the program won't be renewed this year despite proclamations of strong support in Trenton.

The Assembly approved the bill with ease in December. Then it hit the state Senate, where both parties had the same concerns (at least that's what they said) about the program pertaining only to the general election, not the primary.

When both parties have the same concerns, shouldn't they be able to work together to address those concerns and move the otherwise valuable legislation forward?

Apparently, not in New Jersey.

State senators won't be voting on the bill today, the last day they'll be in session before the March 9 deadline to select the districts in which the program would run this year.

We're glad these public servants will be well rested from their recess while public confidence in the government continues to disappear.

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