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Clean-Election Measure Becomes Law

The Times of Trenton — Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Contributed by Julie O'Connor

TRENTON — A bill intended to ensure clean elections that was sponsored in the state Senate by Sen. Shirley K. Turner was signed into law on Wednesday.

Under the new law, The 2007 New Jersey Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Project Act, candidates for the state Legislature in three selected districts will be eligible for public campaign financing by collecting $10 donations from voters. Candidates who collect 800 donations would receive at least $100,000 for their campaigns.

Each candidate is allowed to raise up to $10,000 in seed money, with all donations coming from individuals in amounts of $500 or less. Candidates then would be required to accept only donations of $10. Upon collecting 400 donations, candidates would receive $50,000 for campaign expenditures.

Collecting 800 donations would earn candidates the full $100,000 in clean elections funds.

The law also appropriates $7.675 million to fund the program. ELEC will receive $600,000 to toward its public information efforts, $75,000 for voter's guide requirements, $250,000 to fund administrative expenses and $6,750,000 to provide campaign funds.

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