Clean Elections Wins

PoliticsNJ.com — Friday, August 17, 2007

By Steve Quain

HAMILTON — Today, three more candidates filed with over 400 qualifying contributions necessary to qualify for "Fair and Clean Elections" funding. If certified, they will become the 10th, 11th, and 12th clean election candidates in New Jersey.

With over 50% of eligible candidates reaching certification, the "Fair and Clean Election" program of 2007 will be branded "successful."

Assemblyman Bill Baroni, (Mercer, Middlesex) who wrote New Jersey's Fair and Clean Election Law, praised today's milestone as proof that "Clean Elections" works.

"Today's milestone is a testament to the fact that Clean Elections can and will work in New Jersey," said Baroni. "I'm pleased that this program is continuing to gain momentum and has reached a level of success that has hushed many of its' skeptics."

With the additions of these three candidates, twelve of the eighteen eligible candidates (two-thirds) have reached the required 400 contributions:

According to "Clean Election" law, this deems the clean elections program a success and triggers an augmented "Fair and Clean Election" Program in 2009, pending legislative authorization:

"'Success' means that at least 50 percent of the candidates who were members of political parties and were seeking election for either the office of member of the Senate or the office of member of the General Assembly became certified candidates and did not withdraw from that designation." (Section 21, Fair and Clean Elections Act of 2007)

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