Democrats In 24th District Qualify For Clean Elections Pilot Program

PoliticsNJ.com — Friday, August 17, 2007

By Matt Friedman

The 24th district Democratic legislative candidates have all qualified to participate in the Clean Elections Pilot Program.

State Senate candidate Ed Selby and Assembly candidates Toni Zimmer and Pat Walsh all have accumulated over 400 contributions of $10, which qualifies them for a grant of $46,000 each. If they each receive 800 of the small contributions, they'll get $100,000.

The program, intended to limit donor influence, is being tested in three districts this year: the competitive 14th, the Democrat-friendly eighth and the 24th, which is Republican dominated.

Assemblywoman Alison Littel McHose, who's defending her seat against the Democrats, could not be reached for comment, but has complained about the program in the past.

"We're the guinea pigs and if we don't participate, the Democrats will just get more of our money," wrote McHose in a July 6th letter.

McHose is joined on the ticket by Assembly running mate Gary Chiusano and state Senate candidate Steve Oroho, who hopes to succeed McHose's retiring father, state Sen. Robert Littell. All three have already qualified for the program.

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