14th District Democrats: Landmark Clean Elections Program Entering Final Phase

PoliticsNJ.com — Monday, October 1, 2007

By 14th District Democrats

(HAMILTON TWP.) — The Democratic Team participating in the 14th Legislative District Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Program today said the arrival of the contribution collection deadline means voters now will be the ultimate arbiters of the program's success. The trio pledged to communicate with voters in the district about their positions on key public policy issues and their vision for the future on New Jersey.

Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro), the author of the Fair and Clean Elections Act, said that while the program has reached the "success" standard set forth in the law, it is voters who will have the final say.

"The true measure of success for the Fair and Clean Election Pilot Program will be on Election Day when voters go to the polls. When we speak to voters, they tell us that they want to clean up politics as usual. Clean Elections is helping us achieve that goal, and by casting their vote on November 6 voters can send the message that real campaigns are based on issues, not money.," said Greenstein.

For first-time state senate candidate Seema Singh (D-South Brunswick), the program provided her with the opportunity to focus on meeting voters as opposed to fundraising. Singh was the first candidate to qualify under the Fair and Clean Elections program.

"Meeting voters by going door to door and attending community events and house parties hosted by supporters has been the backbone of this campaign. As we head into the last full month of the campaign, I look forward to communicating to voters that I will be the strongest voice for them in the Senate who will represent them and not the special interests," Singh said.

"Our extremely diverse communities need legislators who will represent them and truly understand the important issues. Clean Elections has opened a window into the awesome responsibility that goes along with serving in the Legislature. This campaign has put working families and taxpayers in the driver's seat. ," said DeAngelo (D-Hamilton Township).

The 14th Legislative District is one of three districts participating in the pilot program. The district consists of Cranbury, Hamilton Township, Jamesburg, Monroe Township, Plainsboro, South Brunswick and West Windsor.

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