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Tax Fairness A Mom's Best Gift

Daily Record — Sunday, May 10, 2009

To the Editor:

President Barack Obama's plan to end abusive corporate and individual tax loopholes (Obama Targets U.S. firms' Overseas Tax Loopholes, May 5) is a much-needed proposal to make our tax system fair. And it is one of the best Mother's Day presents we could all receive.

The Public Interest Research Group recently reported that we lose $100 billion annually to offshore tax havens, nearly $4.5 billion in New Jersey alone.

All this while moms across the Garden State will spend Mother's Day worried about how to pay doctor bills, cover the rent and afford college tuition for their kids.

Every dollar hidden by corporations and wealthy individuals in an offshore tax shelter is money that should stay home and be used to support our families.

On Mother's Day, flowers and candy are nice, but tax fairness is better.

Executive Director
NJ Citizen Action

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