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The Times of Trenton — Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Letter To The Editor

Thursday past, 12 peace activists, of which I was one, met with Rep. Chris Smith, R-Hamilton. In the article covering the meeting, "Smith faces anti-war activists" (Aug. 17), The Times stated that Rep. Smith "turn[ed] the tables," asking what we would do to save Iraq from collapse. The story cut short my response, saying only that I said, "It's already collapsed," which I did say, but I added much more than that. That was not a table-turning moment.

The article also stated, "Bob Laverty, an East Windsor Regional school board member, asked Rep. Smith why his positions on Iraq aren't as prominent on his Web site as his work in other areas." The fact is, Mr. Laverty was questioning what he saw to be a complete absence of Iraq on his web site, a huge difference.

In my opinion, Mr. Smith gave vague answers and side-stepped questions. He refused to accept in person a report on the cost of Iraq to each New Jersey citizen. Following our meeting. Eve Weissman of New Jersey Citizen Action attempted to hand-deliver the report to the congressman, but Mr. Smith refused to see her even for the minute it would have taken to accept the document. Ms. Weissman was representing me and other constituents of Rep. Smith.

Washington Township

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