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Madison Independent Press — Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On Tuesday, Aug. 28, more than 100 constituents of Representative Ferguson gathered at the Knights of Columbus Hall is Summit to hear speakers from local peace groups and to send a message to the Congressman that they want him to reconsider his support ofthe Iraq war.

Congressman Ferguson was unabie to attend the event due to a prior commitment but a likeness ofthe Congressman occupied his empty chair. Rosemary Levine, a resident of Summit, was one of those who posed a question to the Congressman. She asked "Congressman Ferguson, have you read any books on Islam? If so which ones and where do you get your information about Iraq?"

Representatives from many locai peace groups were on hand circuiating petitions and distributing flyers for upcoming events. These groups included, NJ Peace Action, Military Families Speak Out, NJ Citizen Action, People's Organization for Progress, Union County Peace Council, Impeach Them, Summit Interfaith Vigil and Pax Christi Summit.

The event was organized by the "Iraq Summer" campaign as a part ofthe national "Take a Stand" day. This 10-week campaign has about 100 organizers in 40 different congressional districts across the country.

Kathy O'Leary,
Pax Christi

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