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N.J. Group Helps Consumers Save On Heating Oil

Ocean County Observer — Monday, June 11, 2007

Gasoline prices in the Garden State are about 30 cents higher than they were a month ago so the price of heating oil will be on the rise, too. Until last year, heating oil had always been cheaper in the summer and then started to rise in September. Dealers took advantage of this and bought the bulk of their supply at lower prices. This allowed them to make more of a profit in the fall and winter, when the need for oil was greater. Price-savvy consumers also topped off their tanks in the summer and purchased their oil in advance for the upcoming heating season at lower costs.

Last year, however, suppliers bought in the summer, like they usually did, but prices dropped drastically toward the end of August. Consumers were forced to pay higher prices, even when the market fell, just so the suppliers could break even.

Don't fall victim to the high price of heating oil. Make sure your home or business stays warmer for less this upcoming heating season by becoming a member of New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group. We offer a program designed with New Jersey residents in mind. We help to fight the high cost of fuel, and our members save hundreds of dollars a year on their home heating oil. We use bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower prices with well-established, full-service oil companies. When prices climb at the gas pumps, we can now assume that heating oil prices will begin to climb as well. When compared to retail prices, members benefit from substantial savings. Our suppliers also provide additional services: budget billing; automatic fill; service contracts; tank insurance; and price caps in some areas.

Homeowners, tenants, churches, businesses, nonprofit associations and apartment owners can reap substantial savings.

Director, New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group

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