Rally To Help Programs Get More Funding – Saturday, March 31, 2003 — Click here for link to VIDEO CLIP

TRENTON — Cuts in funding are being made to many area programs to make up for some state budget shortfalls. On Saturday, some folks at the Uproar for Fairness Rally think they have answers on how to get these programs the money they need to operate despite the sluggish economy.

The marchers were against budget cuts, but they rallied for a tax increase. They want NJ's wealthiest two percent to pay more money and help make up the budget deficit. They believe this tax scheme would help provide funding for the many programs affected in these tough economic times.

Over 1,000 New Jersey residents attended Saturday's Uproar for Fairness Rally in Trenton. The Fairness Alliance is made up of members from over 100 organizations throughout the state.

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