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As the state's largest citizen watchdog coalition, New Jersey Citizen Action works to protect and expand the rights of individuals and families and to ensure that government officials respond to the needs of people rather than the interests of those with money and power.

FacebookTwitterThrough organizing campaigns that promote economic, social, racial and political justice, NJCA encourages the active involvement of New Jersey residents in challenging the public and private institutions and agencies that impact our lives. On Facebook see NJ Citizen Action, and on Twitter see NJCitizenAction. Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, NJCA Executive Director, was honored with a 2012 Women of Distinction Award.

TAKE ACTION! Divest from Payday Lenders

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New Jersey Pension Fund dollars were used by a private equity firm to buy the country's second largest payday lender, ACE Cash Express. That makes the New Jersey Pension Fund, and the taxpayers and public workers of New Jersey who contribute to the Pension Fund, the indirect owners of a business that is so heinous that its primary business activity is actually illegal here in New Jersey.  It is unethical and frankly unfathomable that the State could ever consider using pension fund money to support payday lending.

TAKE ACTION! CLICK HERE to sign our petition to demand that Governor Christie and the New Jersey State Investment Council immediately divest from any investments that include predatory payday lenders.

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TAKE ACTION! Support the "Out of Network Transparency Act" – UPDATED

imageIt seems no one escapes surprise medical bills these days. We've all been there, especially when facing a serious illness. Mystery bills.

The "Out of Network Transparency Act" will protect us from surprise medical bills by prohibiting out of network billing in urgent and emergency situations and by letting consumers know they are dealing with an out of network provider before they get care — and a nasty bill. But there's something else.

By limiting out of network charges in our health care system, everyone will benefit from lower health care costs. And that is something we can all agree is needed. But the opposition from highly paid specialists and for-profit hospital owners is threatening to stop the bill from becoming law.

UPDATED September 9, 2015 with two new resources:

TAKE ACTION! CLICK HERE to tell your state Senator and Assembly members to vote "yes" on this bill and do everything they can to ensure it becomes law.

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December 11 – Small Business Forum and Lunch – Jersey City




Attention Jersey City Small Business Owners!

Join us for the Jersey City Small Business Forum and Luncheon sponsored by the City of Jersey City, Jersey City Economic Development Corporation (JCEDC), and New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund (NJCAEF). This complimentary luncheon will be held on:

Friday, December 11, 2015 from 11:30am to 2:00pm

Jersey City Culinary Conference Center at
Hudson County Community College
161 Newkirk Street at Sip Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Map and Directions

Discounted parking is available at the IMPARK parking garage across the street. Registration (CLICK HERE) is required for this event as space is limited.

The goal of this Forum is to address the needs of the Jersey City small business community and raise awareness of financial products and services, and technical assistance available to small businesses in Jersey City, while providing the tools necessary for businesses to remain stable and grow. Mayor Steven M. Fulop will deliver welcoming remarks from the City of Jersey City.

The event will feature expert panelists from the City of Jersey City, Rising Tide Capital, Jackson Hill Main Street Management Corporation, Investors Bank, and the Section 504 Company, who will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing small business leaders and owners in Jersey City. The topics to be discussed will include access to capital and technical assistance for small businesses. The event will also provide you with an excellent opportunity to network with other participants and partners, as well as access to resources and technical assistance from event partners who will bring information on their programs and services for Jersey City Small business owners.

This event is designed for owners of small businesses in Jersey City. If you or another decision-maker at your business would like to attend, please call Citizen Action at 973-643-8800, x218 or email Suesan Cota at by Monday, December 7. You may also CLICK HERE to register online today. Please share the flyer!

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Thank you for attending the NJCA Education Fund's 2015 Financial Reform Summit!

Protecting Economic Opportunities for All in an Unjust Economy

ImageThank you for attending the Financial Reform Summit on October 16, 2015 and making it such a great success! Special thanks to all of the panelists and participants, including elected officials, consumer advocates, community leaders, bankers, regulators, labor leaders, seniors, academics, students and members of the public. Experts discussed Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the status of financial reform locally and nationally.

Learn more about the New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund.

The New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund (NJCAEF) is a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to NJCAEF are 100% tax deductible and will be strictly used to support NJCAEF's community reinvestment, housing, and foreclosure prevention work.

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**UPDATE** Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment November 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016


ACAUS citizens and legal residents can apply:

  1. You have from November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016 to sign up and pick a plan.
  2. You could get help paying for your insurance. Four out of five people who got covered in New Jersey/nationwide qualified for financial help.
  3. You can get free in-person application help. A New Jersey Citizen Action Certified Application Counselor can answer your questions and guide you through the application process. Call New Jersey Citizen Action for an appointment 1-888-829-3711
  4. Every plan covers the essentials including doctor visits, preventative care and prescriptions. There are different types of plans available to fit your needs and your budget.

Call for an appointment: 973-273-0315 or 1-888-829-3711 — Hablamos Español


January 25 - 31 / February / April 2016
Monday thru Friday 9am – 7pm, and Saturday 10am - 4pm,
Closed Sunday

March 2016
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am – 7pm, and Saturday 10am - 4pm,
Closed Wednesday and Sunday

Address: New Jersey Citizen Action
165 Halsey Street (between Bank Street & West Market)
Newark, NJ 07102
Map and Directions

Sponsored by The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey.

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Sign Our "Bridgegate Anniversary Card" to Governor Christie


It's an anniversary Governor Christie probably wants to forget — the anniversary of Bridgegate. In the year since "some traffic problems in Fort Lee," we the NJ taxpayers have been footing the bill for millions in legal fees, and the scandals just keep coming.

Just a few of Governor Christie's most egregious tax-wasting hits include:

Please sign our "Bridgegate Anniversary Card" to Governor Christie (click here) to demand that he stop using NJ's families and taxpayers to promote his personal and political ambitions.

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ImageNew Jersey Citizen Action wants to hear from you. We are collecting personal stories on a wide range of issues; such as telephone outages, economic hardships and unemployment, and access to quality affordable health care. By sharing your story, you can influence decision makers and empower other individuals to stand up for fairness and equality. If you have a personal story regarding any of these issues, or another story related to the tough economy, please share it with us here.

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Save Our Community Hospitals For the Community — Not For Profit

ImageThe Campaign to Protect Community Healthcare represents New Jersey residents, health care advocates, community leaders, elected officials, healthcare and insurance providers, unions representing health care workers and policy experts working together to protect and advance access to quality and affordable health care for all New Jerseyans.

We believe that the growing and aggressive expansion of certain health care business models in our communities threatens access to care for many residents, shifts costs to other consumers and providers, weakens quality standards and diminishes the standard of living for the healthcare workforce.

TAKE ACTION! Please click here to sign our petition being sent to Department of Health Commissioner Mary O'Dowd about Prime Healthcare Services and the sale of our community hospitals.

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NJCA Campaign for Consumer Rights!

Stop Fraud - NJCA Campaign for Consumer RightsIn this current political climate, when corporations are considered people and the 1% controls the vast majority of wealth and power, the laws that protect you from being ripped off are more important than ever. Please click here to be part of our work to defend your consumer rights in New Jersey.

Over the past few years there has been a movement afoot to whittle away at the consumer protections you as a New Jersey resident are afforded. The array of anti-consumer, pro-big business bills that have been introduced in the New Jersey legislature is frightening. For example, just last year our representatives in Trenton introduced bills that would have made it harder for you to combat dishonest merchants, sue a contractor who had done shoddy work on your house, or seek justice against a township that had not kept a boardwalk safe for you or your family.

One specific piece of legislation would have gutted a very important law that you may not know about: the Consumer Fraud Act (CFA). The New Jersey CFA is one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the nation. Because of the CFA, New Jersey is a first rate place for honest businesses to prosper and not a place for sleazy operators who try to bilk you of your hard earned cash. However, there are forces at work to limit the protections that laws like the Consumer Fraud Act afford you as a consumer.

We know there will be more attacks on your rights this year and New Jersey Citizen Action is dedicated to fighting for New Jersey to remain a safe place for consumers to do business with honest merchants.


Please click here if you would like to be part of our work to defend your consumer rights in New Jersey.

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We Support Earned Paid SIck Days

Family LeaveWe call on our New Jersey State elected officials to implement legislation to guarantee a minimum standard of earned paid sick days for all workers. No one should have to choose between caring for themselves and loved ones and getting a paycheck!

Everyone benefits when workers are able to balance job obligations and family needs. Giving workers financial security by allowing them to earn paid leave to deal with their own illness, a child's illness, or a parent's recovery from a stroke not only improves outcomes for children and families, but also raises worker morale and productivity.

Learn more about the New Jersey Time to Care Coalition, a broad-based group of community, advocacy, union, religious, research, and academic organizations working to support policies that strengthen communities by ensuring that working families can balance their responsibilities at home and on the job.

TAKE ACTION! Click here to read the complete statement of support and add your name!

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National Summit on Paid Sick Days and Paid Family Leave

The New Jersey Time to Care Coalition recently attended the July 8–10, 2012 National Summit on Paid Sick Days and Paid Family Leave in Washington D.C. They joined together with over 200 advocates from around the country to discuss strategies in the fight to advance family-friendly policies such as paid sick days and family leave insurance. Participants had a day of training with choices ranging from campaign planning to social media planning.

On the Day of Action, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was honored for her leadership in fighting for working women and men across the country. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) also spoke as chairman of the Senate HELP Committee and lead senate sponsor of the Healthy Families Act. The Coalition members then went to speak with their representatives about federal legislation for paid sick days.

Representatives from the National Partnership on Women & Families and Family Values at Work with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and NJCA and Time to Care Coalition members

Representatives from the National Partnership on Women & Families and Family Values at Work with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and NJCA and Time to Care Coalition members

Above: Representatives from the National Partnership on Women & Families and Family Values at Work with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and NJCA and Time to Care Coalition members.

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Family Leave Insurance Turns Four!

Let's Celebrate

On May 3, 2012, we held a successful celebration of the 4th anniversary of the enactment of New Jersey's Family Leave Insurance Program with families, legislators and advocates in attendance. Event speakers included Senate President Sweeney and Senate Majority Leader Weinberg, Senator Greenstein, Assemblyman Albano, former Department of Labor Commissioner David Socolow, a small business owner, and two workers who shared their personal stories of using Family Leave Insurance and how it helped them. We had a packed room, and good press coverage — articles about the event have appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer,,, New Jersey 101.5, and New Jersey Newsroom.

For more information about Family Leave Insurance, follow this link. If you have questions or have used Family Leave Insurance and want to tell your story, you can call the NJ Health Helpline at 1-888-NJ-GET-WELL.

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New Jersey Health Insurance Exchange

Health Insurance ExchangeWhat is a Health Insurance Exchange?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes great improvements to access and affordability in our health care system. One major way that the law does this is by establishing new state health insurance exchanges. A health insurance exchange is a virtual marketplace intended to make purchasing health insurance more transparent and affordable for consumers. An ideal health insurance exchange would create competition, transparency and accountability in the insurance market, therefore bringing down the cost of insurance premiums for consumers.

Under the ACA, states are required to establish these state level health insurance exchanges or allow the federal government to establish an exchange for their state. It is also the only provision in the law that requires states to include stakeholders in the planning process. On January 1st, 2013, all 50 states must submit a proposal for their own health insurance exchange to the federal government and by 2014 all exchanges must be implemented. So far New Jersey has received $1 million to begin planning for a New Jersey exchange. The NJ for Health Care Coalition believes that a good exchange must meet the following principles... CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS about establishing a pro-consumer NJ health insurance exchange.

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Tell Your Legislator to Stand Up to Chris Christie!

Stop ChristienomicsGovernor Christie’s proposed budget includes reckless tax cuts that New Jersey just can’t afford. 

We've already seen too many cuts to our schools, our police and fire services, and our communities. Now Governor Christie is pushing unaffordable tax cuts that will mean huge budget shortfalls in the future. 

TAKE ACTION! CLICK HERE to tell your legislator to stand up for a balanced budget that protects our schools and our communities.

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Executive Director Phyllis Salowe-Kaye Receives "Women of Distinction" Award

Phyllis Salowe-Kaye with her family and Senator Robert Menendez
Phyllis Salowe-Kaye with her family and Senator Robert Menendez

On March 11, 2012 U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) hosted his Third Annual Women of Distinction Awards to celebrate Women’s History Month. Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, Executive Director of New Jersey Citizen Action, and New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund, was among the six honorees at the 2012 Women of Distinction Awards presented by United States Senator Robert Menendez. Full details here.

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New Report: Are Corporations Paying Congress to Rip Off Taxpayers Again?

ImageWill one billion dollars in lobbying and campaign cash influence the debate over tax repatriation? That's the question asked by a new Public Campaign and USAction report entitled "Fool Me Twice? Corporations Pay Congress To Rip Off Taxpayers Again."

The report examines efforts by many of the nation's largest corporations to secure another "tax holiday" that would allow them to return hundreds of billions of dollars in profits from off-shore tax havens to the U.S. at a sharply lower tax rate. It shows that 20 of the nation's largest corporations have spent more than $1 billion on federal elections and lobbying since 2005, the year after Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed into law the last failed "tax holiday." Members of the deficit reduction "supercommittee" have received $6.4 million in campaign contributions from the companies studied. Learn more in the Press Release. Read the full Report.

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NJ Citizen Action Protests Annual Chamber Train Trip to D.C.

NJCA Protests Annual Chamber Trip to DCCalls on Chamber Train Riders to Support Fully Renewed Federal Unemployment Benefits

NEWARK, NJ — On January 26, 2012, New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) members protested the annual NJ Chamber of Commerce's "Walk to Washington." The protest was held at the Newark and Metropark Train Stations. Protesters dressed as skunks with the message "unemployment stinks" and handed out clothes pins with a message that urged attendees not to make life harder for the unemployed and to support fully renewed federal unemployment benefits. Learn more in the Media Release, and at our Americans for Financial Reform Campaign.

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NJCA Launches Community Action in Jersey City to Help Save Christ Hospital

Christ HospitalIn response to the proposed sale of Christ Hospital to a for-profit company, NJCA launched a petition drive to protect the mission of the community hospital.

The people of Jersey City need to know that Christ Hospital, its services, and health care providers will always be here for Jersey City families. PROGRESS UPDATE COMING!

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Support Marriage Equality!



In 2007, New Jersey's civil union law was enacted to provide same-sex couples the same civil rights and responsibilities as married heterosexual couples without calling it "marriage." However, in a very short period of time it has become clear that the measure, and civil unions, do not provide and protect the civil and constitutional rights of same sex couples. Thousands of employers continue to refuse to recognize civil unions as equal to marriage. Despite the law, many employers fail to provide health benefits to their workers' civil union partners. Many New Jersey hospitals still do not allow same-sex couples to make medical decisions for one another and bar same-sex couples to from even visiting one another in the hospital. It is time to provide all couples equal rights under the law. No one should have to wait for equality. For details click here.

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NJCA FREE Tax Preparation

*** Opening January 25, 2016 ***


If you earned $54,000 or less in 2015, the IRS may owe you up to $6,242

NJCA will provide:

For details click here or...

Call Us at 973-273-0315 or 1-888-829-3711

NEW! NJTV NEWS VIDEO (click here)

MyFreeTaxes.comFREE online tax filing for household income of $60,000 or less in 2015. If income is over $60,001, click here.

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Invest in Safety & Jobs!

Demonstrators say, Safety First - Fix Our BridgesNew Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA), SEIU NJ, and the NJ Working Families Alliance gathered, on October 13th, near a structurally unsound bridge to highlight the need for investment in New Jersey's infrastructure.

"America's infrastructure is crumbling," said Lauren Townsend, Organizing and Advocacy Director of NJCA. The Morris Avenue (Route 82) bridge over the Rahway River is one of thousands of bridges throughout NJ and our nation that is in ill repair. Every day 28,471 cars travel over this bridge, yet it has structural problems and has not been inspected since July 2009.

For public safety and for our economy, we should put people to work fixing our crumbling infrastructure. Details in the Press Release. Read News Coverage.

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Stop Verizon Greed

ImageOn Sunday, August 7th, 45,000 Verizon workers from Virginia to Maine went on strike to defend the middle class and protest against corporate greed.  Verizon has been raking in BILLIONS of dollars in profits and compensating their top executives to the tune of a quarter of a BILLION dollars over the last four years.  Despite Verizon's record profits, they are demanding workers accept dramatic cuts that not only threaten workers' livelihoods, but also their safety on the job.  These demands exemplify everything that has gone wrong in the country in this era of unchecked corporate excess.

We need to show Verizon's corporate giants that we've had enough of their corporate greed.

The rights of thse workers affect all of us — whether or not you are a union member.  If corporate giants and those politicians who protect them have their way, none of us prosper. When workers are consistently devalued, the effects ripple across the entire community and throughout the economy. And when jobs are outsourced, middle-class Americans suffer.

Sign the Petition!

Please sign the petition and tell Verizon President Lowell McAdam to stop Verizon's attack on the middle class and share his company's successes with those who made it possible.

For more information please contact Ann at

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STOP TELCO DEREG! Call Your State Senator NOW and Ask "What About Grandma?"

ImageEveryone needs a phone.Yet telecommunications giants — like Verizon, Cablevision and Comcast — will hit pay dirt while Grandma could lose her phone service if proposed legislation is passed to completely deregulate phone and cable services in New Jersey. This anti-consumer bill will wipe out important consumer protections that defend against discrimination in rates, ensure billing errors are corrected, guarantee credits for outages, provide adequate service quality and ensure that everyone who wants a basic, no frills phone line can afford to have one.

CALL your State Senator NOW!

CLICK HERE to find your state senator's phone number — then say...

My name is [SAY YOUR NAME] and I'm concerned about how bill A3766/S2664 will hurt my family, senior citizens and others in my life. Deregulation will allow companies to drop telephone services, raise rates and eliminate consumer protections, forcing my loved ones to choose between food or a phone call. Stand up for my family and seniors, not CEOs. Please pull A3766 and S2664 from consideration.

You can still also CLICK HERE to email your Assembly members and State Senator TODAY and urge them to vote NO on A3766 and S2664!


Read the March 18, 2011 letter, from NJCA and over 20 more consumer advocacy organizations, to the NJ Senate: PROTECT CONSUMERS – VOTE NO ON S2664. New Jersey Policy Perspective and national nonpartisan policy organization Demos released a Report on March 14, 2011: How To Raise The Phone Bill Of The Average New Jersey Family: What S2664 Will Do To NJ Consumers. The report reveals S2664, "The Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act," will likely result in:

  1. Significant rate hikes for New Jersey families ranging from 50 percent to 63 percent of a current phone bill
  2. Rural communities at risk of being stranded without landline service
  3. Elimination of crucial consumer protections from both phone and cable companies
  4. Hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure funding in jeopardy, along with consumers left without an advocate in future Verizon landline sales through removal of BPU oversight.

In the News — media coverage click here.

This bill must be stopped! There is clear evidence this is an anti-consumer bill, call you State Senator NOW!

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Don't Hang Up on New Jersey Campaign

ImageDon't Hang Up on New Jersey is a coalition of consumer, labor and community organizations committed to protecting affordable, quality, reliable phone and internet services for New Jersey families.

Telecommunication services, including access to a phone and the internet, are a vital part of our daily life and economy. We depend on the telephone to call for help in an emergency and to stay connected with our family, our friends — literally the rest of world. In the event of a health emergency, family crisis or national or other disaster, lack of connection to the telephone network could have dire consequences for those without telephone service. Without access to basic, affordable telephone services thousands of New Jerseyans would be unable to reach loved ones or call for help when tragedy strikes. Particularly hard hit would be individuals and families struggling to make ends meet on low, moderate and fixed incomes.

The New Jersey legislature is preparing to pass one of the most sweeping, anti-consumer telecommunications and cable deregulation laws anywhere in the country — S2664. This bill, the so-called Market Competition and Choice Act, sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney, was written for giant corporations and CEOs. If passed, it will have a devastating impact on our families and seniors, cost NJ good jobs, lead to increased prices and eliminate important consumer protections and oversight against poor services and shoddy business practices. We are calling on the legislature to stop this anti-consumer bill.

Join the Don't Hang Up on New Jersey Campaign to:

Click here to download the Endorsement Form.

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Social Security

Strengthen Social Security - Don't Cut It

New Jersey Citizen Action has formed the New Jersey Strengthen Social Security Campaign to oppose any efforts to cut Social Security benefits, including raising the retirement age, or to privatize any part of the program.

Right now, a Fiscal Commission appointed by President Obama and Congress is debating the future of Social Security. It is charged with issuing a report by December 1 about how to cut the federal deficit and restructure entitlement programs, such as Social Security. News reports indicate that Social Security is the program that it could be easiest for the commission to reach agreement on cutting. Social Security is hugely popular, and one of the most successful social programs of all time. It has been around for 75 years. It lifts 20 million Americans out of poverty. At the same time it provides critical insurance against the disability or death of a family member.

Social Security did not cause the federal deficit. It has not added a penny to the deficit. Social Security has a $2.6 trillion surplus today. Its benefits should not be cut to reduce the deficit — or for any other reason. We need to make sure Congress continues to support Social Security, and not make cuts that will harm current and future generations.

Take Action! 1) Call your Congressperson and Senators (find their contact information here) AND 2) email them (click here).

You can learn more in this Fact Sheet.

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"One Nation Working Together" Rally

Photo - NJCA organizer Crystal Snedden is one of the five speakers who began the RallyOn October 2, 2010 in Washington DC, NJ Citizen Action proudly joined in the "One Nation Working Together" Rallly, along with tens of thousands of other people, representing over 170 human and civil rights organizations, labor unions, and environmental, ethnic, peace, youth and student, and faith-based organizations.

In this time of economic crisis, banksters and corporate lobbyists have made off with trillions of public dollars while small businesses can't get loans and cities are laying off teachers, police, and firefighters.

But we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream — a secure job, a safe home, and a quality education. So we come together to refocus our national priorities on greater investments in the well-being of all Americans.


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Citizen Action's New Consumer Health Helpline!


Call Us Toll Free at

1-888-NJ GET WELL  (1-888-654-3893)

The NJ Consumer Health Helpline is a Free Health Care Consumer Assistance Program working to ensure that consumers are able to access affordable, quality health care and effectively navigate the often complex health insurance system. The Helpline also provides vital information to policy makers by identifying and addressing health care related problems as they occur in real time in our communities.

imageOur Helpline Counselors are trained and have up-to-date information about healthcare coverage in New Jersey, where to go if you have a problem with your insurance company and how to access other health related programs. NJCA is an independent, statewide education and advocacy organization. We are not a government agency. We work to ensure that all New Jersey residents have access to high quality and affordable health care.

For more information contact Yarrow Willman-Cole at Download this program's flyer in English or flyer in Spanish. Funding for the New Jersey for Health Care Consumer Helpline Project was provided by the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey. Like the Health Helpline on Facebook!

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Senator Robert Menendez Joins NJ Citizen Action to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Social Security

ImageOn Thursday, August 12, 2010 NJCA Joined with Senator Robert Menendez to release a report that shows how Social Security Works for New Jerseys. The event was one of over 100 events taking place across the country during the month of August to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Social Security.

There has been growing debate by some in Washington proposing to cut benefits and privatize the program as a way to reduce the federal deficit. NJCA emphasized opposition to any such cuts or reduction of benefits.

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Support Fair Elections — Tell Congress to Pass Fair Elections Now!

NJ State HouseIn order to get a Congress that's accountable to us, not corporations and special interests, we need to change the way candidates finance their campaigns. The best and most comprehensive solution is the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752, H.R. 1826).

Under Fair Elections, candidates are able to run highly competitive races that rely on small donor contributions and limited public funding. Fair Elections allows elected officials to spend their time on important issues facing their constituents, and not spending countless hours attending $1,000 a-plate fundraisers and dialing-for-dollars. It's time we had a government that worked for working Americans, not for big corporations and their lobbyists. Click here to learn more and TAKE ACTION!

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NJCA Celebrates Main Street's Victory Against Wall Street!

imageOn July 15, 2010 NJ Citizen Action, having spent the past year fighting for Financial Reform legislation, celebrated the Senate passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, one of the last hurdles before President Obama signs it into law. The legislation will take unprecedented steps to clean up Wall Street:

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Override the Governor's Veto — Restore FamilyCare & Family Planning

imageGovernor Christie has vetoed two bills that would have restored funding for parent enrollment in NJ FamilyCare (S2134/A3020) and full funding for women's health and family planning (S2139/A3018).

We cannot allow the Governor to balance the budget by sacrificing the health of New Jersey. Especially in these difficult economic times, when the needs of our state's families are increasing — we cannot and should not eliminate these vital health care programs. Please write your state legislators today and tell them to override the Governor's veto and restore funding to NJ FamilyCare and Family Planning!

TAKE ACTION! Click here to tell your state legislators to OVERRIDE the Governor's veto.

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Governor Chris Christie is proposing to destroy NJ's Civil Service System. Gutting Civil Service will allow corrupt politicians to use good jobs providing critical public services as favors and rewards for fat cats, cronies and relatives. If you care about providing clean, honest government by having a public workforce that is protected from the corrupting influence of political coercion, call your elected representatives today and tell them to vote NO on destroying New Jersey's Civil Service System. Click here to learn more. Also download the Fact Sheet. And click here to download a postcard that will be sent to your leaders in Trenton.

Save New Jersey's Civil Service From the Hands of Corruption and Patronage

TAKE ACTION! Click here to email your state legislators and Governor Christie, and...

Call Governor Chris Christie: 609-292-6000
Call Senate President Steve Sweeney: 856-251-9801
Call Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver: 973-395-1166

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On Sunday evening, March 21, 2010 the U.S. House of Representatives PASSED comprehensive national health care reform by a vote of 219 to 212.

Everyone who played a role in achieving this historic victory should be extremely proud. For the first time in history, a comprehensive health care bill has passed both Houses of Congress. The bill will give health care to 32 million Americans and save over 30,000 lives per year. And it will regulate the insurance companies so they can no longer deny care for pre-existing conditions, charge you more if you're sick, put limits on your benefits, or increase rates with impunity.

Immediate benefits will include the opportunity to keep adult children on family health insurance policies up to age 26 and relief for seniors who have fallen into the Medicare Prescription Drug "donut hole."

Not one Republican voted for the bill. In New Jersey — only one Democrat voted against the bill: Rep. John Adler (NJ-03).

Please CALL Toll Free: 1-877-264-4226 to THANK members of Congress who voted YES and express your disappointment to the ones who voted NO.

imageHow NJ's Members Voted:

YES — Representatives Rothman, Pascrell, Sires, Payne, Pallone, Holt and Andrews

NO — Representatives Adler, Garrett, Frelinghuysen, Lance, Smith and LoBiondo

To find out how your Representative voted click here.

What Does National Health Care Reform Mean for New Jersey?

To find out how the House Bill will impact YOUR Congressional District click here.

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NJCA Oil Group

VideoNew Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group is a project of New Jersey Citizen Action. The Oil Group was formed in 1983 to provide consumers with an alternative to the high cost of heating fuel. The Oil Group uses group purchasing power to negotiate discount prices. See a 10-minute video interview with NJCA Oil Group Director Wende Nachman, on "Help With High Heating Bills." Also read the extensive news coverage the Oil Group is receiving.

For more information about the NJCA Oil Group, please call 1-800-464-8465, or visit To Top