New Jersey Is on the Precipice of Real Prescription Drug Affordability Reform

NJCA Healthcare Program Director, Laura Waddell, released the following statement on the advancement of A2840/S1615: 

“The New Jersey State Legislature is on the precipice of making prescription drugs affordable for countless New Jerseyans, and with the passage of A2840 out of Assembly Appropriations today, it joins its Senate counterpart, S1615, as they both head to the floor.”

“These bills are a step in the right direction, and we applaud the Assembly, Senate, and Leadership for their commitment to bringing real prescription drug affordability relief to New Jersey patients. Thanks to this legislation, New Jersey is closer than ever to meaningful reform that will lower prescription drug costs. A2840/S1615 will establish an appointed team of experts to a Prescription Drug Affordability Council (PDAC) who will comprehensively analyze the entire pharmaceutical supply chain for cost drivers and create actionable recommendations for the Legislature focused on lowering drug costs.

“We now urgently ask all of our Legislators in both houses to continue to put patients first and bring real prescription drug affordability reform to our state by posting and voting yes on A2840/S1615 on the floor before July 1st.”