NJ Citizen Action applauds court decision, Kim and advocates for courage to end county line

Newark, March 28, 2024: In response to the court’s decision regarding the lawsuit aimed at abolishing the county line, New Citizen Action’s Executive Director, Dena Mottola Jaborska released the following statement: 

 "This is a momentous day for democracy, transparency and good government in the state of New Jersey. We applaud the court’s decision, and we thank Representative Andy Kim and other plaintiffs for their courage and efforts on this vital issue. We also thank countless advocates, experts and New Jersey voters for their tireless and continuous campaigning to abolish the line. Today’s decision was a culmination of years of grassroots organizing and movement-building among people who believe our democracy has been captured by special interests and needs to be returned to the people.

"Abolishing the line is critical to both free and fair elections and advancing policies in the interests of everyday New Jerseyans. We can only fully address our state’s many racial and socio-economic problems with political leadership that better represents our diverse communities, and when elected officials can be held accountable to their constituents. NJCA looks forward to working with lawmakers, party leaders, advocates, experts, and the public to ensure a smooth transition to a more democratic ballot system. We further pledge to do everything we can to educate voters on the important voting changes to come."